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Top Flite T-34B Mentor Kit .61-.91,80''



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This is the Radio Controlled, Glow Powered, Balsa and Plywood
Top Flite T-34B Mentor .60 Size 1/5th Scale Aerobatic Airplane Kit.
For Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Fliers.
For almost 50 years the T-34 Mentor has been a primary trainer
for new US Air Force and Navy pilots. Top Flite has produced
this IMAA legal 1:5 scale kit that looks and performs just like the original.
With its many scale touches, along with Gold Edition engineering
to ease the building process, this American classic will be a
proud addition to your military model hangar.
Construction: CAD engineered balsa and plywood.
Wings: One-piece wood. Selig 3086 and 3087 airfoils deliver stability
for smooth flight and basic aerobatics. Low wing configuration.
Can be constructed with or without flaps
Attaches to fuselage with two ¼-20 wing bolts
Radio compartment: Spacious, plywood reinforced
Cowling: Three-piece ABS plastic
Canopy: Clear plastic one-piece. May be cut apart and made into a
sliding canopy if desired.
Cockpit features: Modeler may purchase the Scale Cockpit Interior
(TOPQ8413) for added realism.
Landing gear: Fixed
Hardware: Pushrods, pre-bent wire wing and nose landing gear, wing
bolts, all clevises and fasteners.
Motor Mount: Two-piece adjustable glass filled nylon.
Warranty: Top Flite Models guarantees this kit free from defects
in both materials and workmanship at the date of purchase.
All wood to construct the airplane, pushrods, prebent main and nose
gear, nylon adjustable engine mount, ABS plastic cowl and tail
cone, hardware package, clear canopy, decals, photo-illustrated
instructions, full-size rolled plans.
Engine: .60-.91 (9.8-14.9cc) 2-stroke
.90-1.20 cu. in. (14.9-19.6cc) 4-stroke
Muffler: Pitts-Style is required so that the muffler conceals inside
inside the cowling.
Radio: 4-6 channel, 6-channel with servos for optional flaps
Servos: 6-9 44 oz-in torque minimum (2-ailerons, 1-elevator,
1-rudder, 1-throttle, 1-steering). 2 needed for optional flaps
Servo Extension: One 6" (152mm) for elevator and rudder
Two 12" (305mm) for ailerons
Y-Harness: One for aileron servos
Covering: 3-4 6' rolls
Misc. Items: 3.5" (89mm) main wheels, 2.75" (70mm) nose wheel, 2.75"
(70mm) spinner, 14oz (420cc) fuel tank, glow plug, ¼" (6mm) foam
rubber padding, 3'(914mm) medium fuel tubing, fuel filter, propeller,
building and field equipment.
Wingspan: 80" (2032mm)
Wing Area: 1025 sq in (66 sq dm)
Weight: 10-14lb (4.5-6.4kg)
Wing Loading: 22.5-31.5oz/sq ft (69-96g/sq dm)
Length: 63" (1600mm)
Airfoil: Semi-symmetrical, low-wing
Center of Gravity: 6-3/8" (162mm) Back from the wing's leading edge
at the fuselage sides.
Control Throws- Low Rate High Rate
Ailerons: Up & Down ½" (13mm) ¾" (19mm)
Elevator: Up & Down 9/16" (14mm) 11/16" (17mm)
Rudder: Right & Left ¾" (19mm) 1" (25mm)
Flaps: Down-takeoff 1" (25mm)50% landing 2" (51mm)100%
Engine Down Thrust: 2°
Engine Right Thrust: 2.5°
Wing: +2°
Stabilizer: +2°
The pilots shown inside the plane are not included
A 4-Stroke engine is not recommended for this plane as it would
protrude too far out of the cowl.
The model shown on the box was covered in Top Flight Yellow MonoKote
(TOPQ0203) and the Green trim was painted with Parma Faskolor
Fasgreen (PARR4005).
For Flaps, the following additional items are needed:
Two Standard Servos (HCAM0149)
One Y-Harness (HCAM2500)
One package Robart #309 Super Hinge Points (ROBQ2509)
For Retractable Landing Gear the following items are needed:
Robart 630BNZ Retracts (ROBQ1620)
Standard Air Kit (ROBQ2302)
Extra Pressure Tubing (ROBQ2369)
Tubing Connectors (ROBQ2395)
2-56 Ball Link set (GPMQ3840)
2-56 Pull-Pull Cable System (DUBQ1417)
Two Screw Lock Connectors (GPMQ3870)
Two ¼" Wheel Collars (DUBQ1200)
One Nylon Clevis and Pushrod (GPMQ3770)
Eight #4 x 3/8" (9.5mm) flat head sheet metal screws

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