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Top Flite P-51D Mustang Kit .60-.90,65''



Product Description


Top Flite's Gold Edition P-51D combines Easy Construction with Scale Fighter
Realistic scale details: Vacuum-Formed Canopy with Molded-In Relief
Detail and Vacuum-Formed Exhaust Ports, Machine Gun Exits and Cowl-
Halves molded from ABS are accurately reproduced and make it easy
for the average modeler to achieve stunning results.
The same Fine Quality Materials, Simplified Construction Methods
and step-by-step Instructions as all Gold Edition kits.
Two-piece, Molded Oil-Cooler Scoop seams on the centerline and has
a die-cut internal structure for a very close to scale appearance.
Two huge sheets of excellent, high quality decals included for "Big
Beautiful Doll" scheme (but does NOT include the checkerboard
cowl decal).
Fuselage has a very accurate, exact scale outline with scale tail-
wheel location.
Fully-Sheeted Fully-Symmetrical Wing w/Excellent Flight Performance.
All Balsa and Plywood to Complete the kit, Clear Canopy, ABS Cowling
and Detailing parts, Wire Landing Gear, Decals, Illustrated
Instruction Manual, CAD-produced Rolled Plans, Pushrods, and
.60-.90 (2-stroke) or .90-1.20 (4-stroke) Engine
4-6 Channel Radio (5th & 6th channels for retracts and/or flaps)
4-7 Servos
Engine Mount, Fuel Tank, 4" Spinner, 3¼"-4" Main Wheels, 1¼"
Tailwheel, Wheel Collars, Fuel Tubing, Foam Rubber, Building and
Field Equipment
Two Rolls of Covering (plus trim colors)
Wingspan: 65" CG: 3-7/8" back from Leading Edge Break
Wing Area: 734 sq inches (LE break is point where LE goes from
Weight: 8-10lbs steep sweep near fuse to shallow angle)
Length: 56.5" (throws are listed below:)
Wing Loading: 25 to 30oz/sq ft
Scale: 1:7
Degrees Incidence: Engine Thrust: 1.75° down, 1.6° right
Stabilizer: 0°
Wing: .5°
Control Throws- High Low
Elevator: 11/16" 7/16"
Rudder: 1-1/8" 7/8"
Ailerons: 11/16" 1/2"
Flaps: 1-1/16" 1-11/16"
For Optional items use the following: 
Robart Pneumatic Retracts ROBQ0005
Air Control Kit for Robart Retracts ROBQ2302
Robart Hinge Points for the flaps ROBQ2509
100 psi hand pump and gauge ROBQ2363
Robart Robostruts for landing gear, use ROBQ1705 and ROBQ1706.
See Accessories Needed for additional items.
See below for notes on cockpit kit.
Cockpit Note: Unfortunately the tooling and design costs to make the
engineering changes to the fuselage are prohibitive for the
adaptation of a cockpit kit.
As such, there is no cockpit/interior kit available for this model
at this time. Per RTJ-PM,1999 AMC
Though a .90 size engine will fit into this plane there is no
in-cowl muffler that will work with a .90. 
Decal sheet P516D01 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes:
Two 15" x 3¾" Black & Red WZ1
9" x 2" Black & Red Big Beautiful Doll
2¾" x 7/8" Col JD Landers
1¾" x ¾" Black & White crew listing
4-5/8" x 2-1/8" instrument panel
Five 3/8" x ½" Red & White "Rising Sun" kills
30 3/8" x ½" Red, White & Black German kills
Two 3¼" x 7/8" Black 472218
Two 7/8" White & Black fuel inlets
2¼" x 5/8" Black air intake
1" Red & White circle
1/8" Black block letters:
Caution! Replace Cover, Ammo Can Access, Gun Access (2), Aileron
Servo Access, Aux. Equip. Access, Lockout Valve, Tie Down,
Control Access, No Step (4), No Push (4).
1/16" Black block letters:
No Push (4), No Step (4).
Decal sheet P516D02 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes:
Two 9-1/8" x 4-3/8" Blue & White stars and bars
Two 12-1/8" x 6" Blue & White stars and bars

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