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Top Flite P-51D Mustang Giant Kit 2.1-2.8,84.5''



Product Description


The P-51D Mustang "Gold Giant Scale Edition" is a WWII, Single Engine Fighter
Airplane. This 1/5th Scale Warbird boasts Incredible Scale Accuracy, along with
the Ease of Assembly made possible by Gold Edition Engineering.
Utilizes Familiar Wood Kit-Building Techniques, Tools, and Materials.
Precisely Interlocking Parts Designed through AUTOCAD, and a thorough
Photo-Illustated Manual Help Guide Modelers Through the Assembly
Kit Includes Many Precision-Formed Scale Details, such as Radiator
Scoop, Cowl Bottom, Gun and Exhaust Ports
In the Air, the Giant P-51D Delivers Scale Flying Performance, and
its Large Size makes it Easy To See and Appreciate.
IMAA (International Miniature Aircraft Association) Legal.
Fully-Symmetrical Wing
6 to 7 channel radio with 10 servos (see REQUIRES)
ABS Parts (Cowl, Gun, Exhaust Ports, Radiator Scoop), Clear Canopy,
Pushrods, Full Size Plans, Photo-Illustrated Instructions and
All Wood to Complete the Kit.
Engine: 2.1-2.8 cu in (35-45cc)(Glow) or 2.5-4.2 cu in (41-70cc)(Gas)
5"* Spinner, Propeller, Engine Mount, Fuel Tubing, Easy Filler Fuel
Valve, 16-20oz Fuel Tank (see commments on multicylinder option)
Main Gear*, Tailwheel Retract, Air Control Kit. (see comment on gear)
Radio: 6 to 7 Channel
Servos: 10 (Standard: 2-Flaps, 1-Retracts, 1-Tailwheel Steering,
High Torque (over 45 oz-in): 2-Elevator, 1-Rudder, 2-Ailerons
Y-Harness: 4 (Elevator, Flaps, Ailerons, Rudder/Tail Steering)
Servo Extensions (24"): 2
Receiver Battery: 6V 1200mAh
Covering: Four to Five 6-Foot Rolls and Matching Paint
Misc. Items: Two 5" Main Wheels, 1¾" Tailwheel, Wheel Collars,
Five Heavy-Duty Control Horns, Twenty Six Heavy-Duty Hinge Points,
Sixteen #6x1/2" Sheet Metal Screws (for mounting the retracts)
½/2" Foam Rubber Padding, Switch and Charge Mounting Jack,
Pull-Pull Cable System for Steerable Tailwheel, Covering Tools,
Building and Field Equipment. .
Wingspan: 84.5" Wing Area: 1245 sq in
Fuselage Length: 73-1/2" Weight (w/radio): 18 - 23 lbs
Wing Loading: 32-35oz/ft Airfoil: Fully-Symmetrical Low-Wing
Engine mount spacing: 8-1/8" from firewall (not 7-7/8" as shown in
This kit can be fiberglassed or covered with film covering.
After market items availabe (retracts, cockpit interior, pilot, etc.)
(see optionals on the Accessory Completion Guide for these items)
If you are wanting to used fixed gear use ROBQ1640
Kit is designed for Robart custom gear. If using other gear,
it must contact support for copies of ribs need to be hand cut
to mount standard retracts.
Spinner: ZINQ spinners will not fit this model due to their mounting.
The O.S. FF-320 should have plenty of power to fly the Giant P-51. The cylinder
will protrude through the sides of the cowl. The engine is only a couple of oz
heavier than a US 41 and shouldn't be a problem.
(The 5cyl. radial won't fit in cowl.)
The ST3250 will work okay in the giant 51 also. Don't expect super speed or
much vertical performance but will work fine for most maneuvers.
DECALS: P51GD01-1 per kit,
P51GD02-1 per kit,
P51GD03-2 per kit (decals are only available from GPM 217-398-8970x3)
P51GD01 includes: (2) 5" diameter monkey decals
(2) 6"L x 1½"H Yellow and Red OLD BOY logos
P51GD02 includes:
(1) 6-1/8"L x 2½"H Black and White instrument panel
(2) 10"L x 4½"H Black and White TJW logos
(2) 2¾"L x 1"H White 472 logos (2) White 826 logos
P51GD03 includes: dh
To make this kit into the P51-B version you would need to order the
following from GREAT PLANES MANUFACTURING at 217-398-8970.
One CANPY097 - canopy
Two P51GBD01 - decal sheet
One P51GBP03 - instrucions for P51GB
One P51GBP04 - Parts List P51GB
One P51GBP01R - plan sheet P51GB
One P51GBF01 - Fuse T-deck formers B8E, B9B, B10B
Parts needed to convert to P-51B cont.
Two P51GW19 - ¼ x ¼ x 30" balsa stringers
Two P51GF29 - 1/8 x 3 x 23-7/8" balsa sheet
One P51GBF02 - 5/8 x 3 x 23-7/8" balsa

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