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Razzor Electric Racer with Battery, Receiver Ready by Multiplex Modelsport USA

SKU: MPU264280


Product Description



The Razzor is the latest in the Multiplex line of compact, electric racing planes whose modern looks and demanding agility command the skies. Built with Elapor foam and carbon-reinforced wings and tail, this lightweight aircraft maintains robust, structural strength while zipping through the clouds with incredible precision and maneuverability. Its large fuselage hatch allows handy access for easy maintenance while the removable wing provides compact transportability. Armed with a high-performance brushless motor and efficient speed control, the Razzor is the quintessential racing air machine. Fly on the cutting edge with the Razzor!


Needed To Complete

- 4+ channel transmitter
- 4+ channel receiver
- Charger for flight battery


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