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Parrot Rolling Spider RTF Quadcopter (White)

SKU: PTAPF723000


Product Description


Key Features

  • Amazing high speed flying
  • Indoor wheels to roll on the floor or the ceiling
  • Super sophisticated stabilization system
  • Robust design
  • Piloting mode designed for beginners
  • Bluetooth Smart technology


Video Overview





Connected to a Smartphone or a tablet with Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy), the Parrot MiniDrone offers flight stability worthy of professional drones. Thanks to its numerous sensors and its autopilot capabilities, Parrot MiniDrone is the easiest-to-fly quadricopter. Its ultra-compact and light-weight design, combined with the power of its engines, allows the Parrot Minidrone to fly at high speeds and perform high-precision acrobatics. Attach two ultra-light wheels to the Minidrone structure and it can climb along a wall or move across the ceiling before taking off again into mid-air.

Amazing Aerobatics
Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact flying drone with impressive agility. It flies indoor and outdoor with great speed and stability. It rips through the air, flips and thanks to its removable wheels, rolls from floor to ceiling.

  • Rapid, agile aerobatics and 90° (and 180°) turns thanks to the “swipe” control feature
  • Perform forward, backward and sideways flips at the touch of a finger!
  • Attach the included removable wheels and it can roll up and down walls and across all over the ceiling
  • Flip 360°
  • Pre-set moves available in the app to live Parrot MiniDrones' adventure


Fly and Roll!!
Easy piloting thanks to the sophisticated stabilizing autopilot system and its ultrasonic sensors.

  • The most stable quadricopter
  • Pilot with only one finger
  • Take snapshots with the embedded vertical mini-camera
  • Free Fall Take-off


Small, and Full of Sensors!
Parrot Rolling Spider has remarkable flight stability thanks to technologies usually dedicated to professional drones.

  • A 3-axis accelerometer & a 3-axis gyroscope measure and analyze each movement or inclination of the drone and, thanks to the autopilot, rectify the position of the Rolling Spider
  • The vertical camera (also used for snapshots) compares, every 16 milliseconds, an image of the ground to the previous one to determine the speed of the Rolling Spider
  • An ultrasound analyses the flight altitude up to 4 meters. Beyond, a pressure sensor controls the drone in altitude


Cloud Parrot
Connect to Parrot Cloud to share your stats with other pilots Keep track of all your flights and share your photos, videos and navigation data with other members of the Parrot Cloud. Connect to share instantly to YouTube or Facebook. Join Pilot Academy with over 150,000 pilots registered. Free backup of your flights and aerobatics data.

Plastic structure with specific design for robustness

App Free piloting app compatible with smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android, and Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 from September 2014 onwards.

Ultrasound, 3 axis gyroscope & accelerometer, vertical camera

Removable, Li-Po, lasts up 8 min (6 min with wheels)

Bluetooth Smart technology, Bluetooth V4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Compatible Devices
Android: Bluetooth Low Energy devices running Android 4.3 or later
iOS: Compatible with Bluetooth version 4 iOS devices running iOS7.1 or later (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad with Retina, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch 5th Gen)

55g, 65 with wheels

Rolling Spider diameter: 140 mm
Propellers' diameter: 55mm
Motor spacing: 85 mm

Kit Contents
1 Rolling Spider
1 battery
2 wheels
1 set of stickers
1 quick start guide

Operates under Linux. Free SDK for coders.


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