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Parrot Jumping Sumo - Black

SKU: PTAPF724001

Product Description


Key Features

  • Intuitive control through Smartphone or tablet
  • Embedded camera
  • Jumps over 2.5 feet high and always falls back on its wheels
  • 90° turns at high speed
  • Foldable wheels for better speed control and tricky moves
  • Wi-Fi
  • Gyroscope and accelerator for precision piloting

In Action


Piloted via Wi-Fi 2.4 or 5GHz with a Smartphone or a tablet, Parrot Jumping Sumo is a new genre of connected robot. Half robot, half insect, it is equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerometer, which provides fool-proof agility and intuitive piloting. It can roll, turn 90 degrees with speed and astonishing precision - meaning no obstacle is too challenging - and also perform spectacular jumps (up to 80 cm) always landing on its "wheels"! With an embedded camera, its acrobatic and fast-paced movements are streamed onto the screen of the controlling Smartphone or tablet.

Kit Contents
1 Jumping Sumo
1 micro-USB cradle
3 stickers
2 rubber pads
1 quick start guide

Operates under Linux. Free SDK for coders.


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