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Ka-8 Sailplane PNP by ParkZone

SKU: PKZ6675


Product Description


Key Features

  • Superb scale outline and detail
  • 2.25 meter wingspan
  • Two-piece wing design for easy transport
  • 4-channel control out of the box
  • Rudder, elevator, aileron and spoiler servos installed
  • Compatible with E-flite® Hi-Start launch system (EFLA650 – sold separately)
  • Accepts E-flite Servoless Payload Release for aerotow operations (EFLA405 – sold separately)
  • Durable Z-Foam™ construction
  • Fixed main wheel
  • Requires a full-range 4+ channel aircraft transmitter and receiver (5 channels required for Servoless Payload Release)
  • E-flite 2- to 3-cell Li-Po voltage regulator recommended for Li-Po flight packs (EFLA120 – sold separately)


Needed To Complete

- 4+ channel full-range transmitter and receiver radio system (5+ channels for optional tow release)
- Receiver pack
- Voltage regulator (not required if using 4- or 5-cell NiCd or NiMH receiver pack)
- Charger for receiver pack


Video Overview



Since its introduction over 50 years ago, the full-scale Ka-8 has smitten thousands of sailplane pilots with its friendly flight characteristics and impressive thermal performance. Even in today’s era of composite designs, it remains a favorite of soaring clubs around the world.

The ParkZone® Ka-8 sailplane is a marvelous reproduction of this German classic that will win the heart of any RC pilot eager to experience scale soaring. It comes equipped with elevator, aileron and rudder control, as well as wing spoilers that look and operate like the real thing. You can launch the model using an E-flite® Hi-Start launch system or equip it for aerotow operations with the E-flite Servoless Payload Release (both sold separately).


Detailed Information


How to Hi-Start your ParkZone® Ka-8 Sailplane



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