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Great Planes 12V Peak Charger 2-Pin

  This is the 12V Peak Charger for the ElectriFly Cessna 182. 


FEATURES: Designed to charge the ElectriFly 7H - 7NJ NiMH batteries Red light glows when battery is Charging. Flashes and emits a beeping tone when battery is charged Cigarette lighter type plug


INCLUDES: 12V Peak NiMH Charger for the ElectriFly Cessna 182 with Red two pin battery connector


REQUIRES: Connecting battery and plugging into 12V accessory socket


SPECS: Input: 12V Output: 8.4V Wire Length: 77" (1.96m)


COMMENTS: NEVER operate charger with vehicle's engine running NEVER Charge battery inside vehicle or leave battery unattended during charging

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