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Futaba PA-2 Pilot Assist Link Auto Pilot

 This is a Pilot Assist Link (Auto Pilot) For Aircraft Use (Not Helicopters).   When You Release The Transmitter Sticks, The PA-2 Automatically Returns    The Aircraft To Level Flight Even If It Enters A Dangerous State        Due To The Effect Of Wind Or Erroneous Operation.     This Simplifies Training In Model Aircraft Flying Techniques. 


FEATURES: This Is A Horizontal Stabilizer For Model Aircraft and Incorporates The Latest Sensor Technology. Operates On A Single Aileron Servo. Supports two Channels To Level The Wings and Bring Plane To Level Flight. Automatically Controls The Elevators and Ailerons, But When The Modeler Operates A Stick, The Sensitivity Drops According To The Amount Of Stick Operation and Stick Operation Has Priority. Sensitivity Can Be Adjusted By Transmitters Having Volume Control- (At Least 5 Channels and At Least One Extra Channel Is On A Dial.) (See COMMENTS) Or By The Gain Control On The Amplifier Unit Itself. Some Radios W/Volume Control Are: SKYSPORT 6VA, 6XA, 7UA, 8UA, 9ZA. Other Brands Of Radios May Work If They Are Wired Like And Have Connectors Like Futaba Has. Servo Reversing Switches Located On Amplifier Unit.


INCLUDES: One Amplifier Unit Pre-Wired with 2-Pin and J Plugs One Sensor Unit Pre-Wired with 2-Pin Plugs, Nylon Nut and Washer One Instruction Manual


REQUIRES: Use with a standard Futaba-compatible receiver/radio system


SPECS: Power Requirement: 4.8V (NiCd Battery fed via receiver) Current Drain: 5mA (at 4.8V) (confirmed 9/99 amc/jquigg) Amplifier Length: 53.5mm (excluding protruding parts) Width: 33.5mm Height: 14.5mm Weight: 25g Sensor Diameter: 33mm Weight: 15g (excluding screws) COMMENTS: It Is Not Recommended To Fly: On Days When The Sun Is Extremely Bright or Reflective, Ground Is Snow Covered, Over Water Or Near Reflective Buildings, or in Very Low Light Conditions (Dusk, etc). This Unit Only Keeps The Aircraft Level, It Does Not Automatically Fly The Aircraft From Takeoff To Landing. Wiring: From Amp to Sensor: Red/Black & Yellow/Orange w/2-Pin Connectors From Amp to Rx: Blue J Connector For Elevator Black J Connector For Aileron Sensitivity: (Volume Control) Red J Connector For Auxiliary (Used Usually In Channel 5, And Will Enable The Use Of Transmitter Volume Control To Change Sensitivity In Flight. From Rx to Amp: Channel 1 Aileron Channel 2 Elevator


DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE OLDER PA1 AND THE PA2: PA1 had a slot for the second Aileron Servo. Customer must use a "Y" connector for the second Aileron servo with the PA2. The Gain on the PA2 can be adjusted directly on the unit itself and thus does not require a transmitter with Volume control.

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