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Airtronics Aquila 6ch Computer Radio w/RX71E FH1

SKU: 751662

Airtronics Aquila 6ch Computer Radio w/RX71E FH1

Superior Form, Superior Function.
The Aquila 6 is an advanced 2.4GHz Digital Proportional 6 Channel with a unique style and proven 2.4GHz system. The Aquila features Airtronics proven, rock-solid reliable 2.4GHz FH1 frequency hopping transmission scheme. It's true frequency-hopping that provides a superior signal for that “locked-in” feel. And it's ready for any 1-6 channel aircraft or helicopter.! From micro electric aircraft to scale aerobatic aircraft, from mini fixed-pitched helicopters to advanced CCPM 3D electric helicopters, the Aquila 6 can handle advanced models with ease! The Aquila 6 is perfect for new pilots just learning to fly too. The Aquila 6 features a Trainer System that is compatible with all Airtronics SD series transmitters so you can get started flying safely and quickly. Whether you're just starting out or ready to take on advanced 6 channel fixed wing and helicopters, the Aquila 6 is ready to give you superior control.
General System Features:
• 6-Channel 2.4G FHSS-1 Digital Proportional Computer Radio Control System for Aircraft and Helicopters
• Includes Full-Range RX71E 7-Channel 2.4G FHSS-1 Receiver
Aircraft/Helicopter Shared Features:
• 10-Model Memory Direct Model Select (Models 1-3)
• Easy-to-Read Multi-Function LCD with Digital Voltage Display
• User-Selectable Model-Type Templates
• Digital Trims Trainer System Compatible with all Aquila and SD Series Transmitters
• Model Naming
• Model Select
• Audible Low-Voltage Alarm
• Low-Power Range-Check Mode
• Programmable Fail Safe (Ch 1-4)
• User-Selectable Flight Modes (3 Modes)
• Stop Watch and Count-Up Timers
• Data Copy and Data Reset
• Servo Monitor
• Aileron, Elevator, and Rudder Dual Rate
• Aileron, Elevator, and Rudder Exponential
• Servo Reversing
• Servo Centering Sub-Trim
• End-Point Adjustment
• Common or Flight Mode-Specific Trim
Aircraft-Specific Programming Features:
• Throttle Cut
• 5-Point Programmable Throttle Curve
• Aileron Differential
• Mixes:
• Flaperon
• Flap-to-Elevator
• Dual Elevator with End-Point Adjustment
• Ailvator Mixing
• V-Tail Mixing with End-Point Adjustment
• Delta (Elevon) Mixing with End-Point Adjustment
• 2 Programmable Compensation Mixers
Helicopter-Specific Programming Features:
• Common or Flight Mode-Specific Trim with Throttle-Trim Lock
• 9 Pre-programmed Swashplate Templates
• Advanced Swashplate Adjustment
• CCPM End-Point Adjustment
• End-Point Adjustment
• Throttle Cut
• 5-Point Programmable Throttle Curve
• Throttle Hold
• 5-Point Programmable Pitch Curve Revolution Mixing
• 2 Remote Gyro Gains
• 2 Programmable Compensation Mixers
Transmitter Technical Specifications:
• Output Power: 100mW
• Operating Voltage: 6.7-9.6v
• Current Drain: 130-200mA
• Temperature Range: 32-122ºF (0-50ºC)
• Pulse Width: 0.9-2.1msec
• Weight with Batteries: 26.45oz (750gr)
• Frequency/Modulation Type: 2.4GHz/FHSS-1
RX-71E Technical Specifications
• 7 Channels
• Compatible with all SD, Aquila, RDS8000 2.4GHz radios
• Frequency/Modulation Type: 2.4GHz/FHSS-1
• Nominal Input Voltage: 4.8-6.6v
• Weight: .31oz (8.8g) with Case
• Dimensions: 1.80x0.85x0.47in (45.7x21.5x12mm)
• Fail Safe Support: Yes (Ch 1-4)
• Connector Type: Universal 'Z'"
• Temperature Range: 32-212ºF (0-100ºC)
• Dual Antennas on 6 inch extensions for superior installation flexibility for superior flexibility
What's In The Box:
• Aquila 6 6-Channel 2.4GHz FHSS-1 Transmitter
• RX71E 7-Channel 2.4GHz FHSS-1 Receiver
• 7.2v NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack for Transmitter
• 6 Cell Dry-Cell Transmitter Battery Holder
• AC Dual Output Charger
• On/Off Switch
• User's Guide
Items Required, But Not Included:
• Receiver Battery/Power Source. (Note: Nominal Input Voltage is 4.8v ~ 6.6v, therefore, the receiver may be powered using a 4 Cell or 5 Cell Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery pack or a 2S Li-Fe/A123 Battery Pack.)
Servos: No servos are included. Analog or Digital servos can be used. We recommend using Airtronics servos that are within the specification range required for your model. However, most modern servos will work perfectly with the Aquila 6

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